What Stocks NOT to Buy During This Stock Market Crash of 2020

Which stocks you shouldn’t buy during this 2020 stock market crash. In every stock market crash, there’s an industry that suffered the most and in this current stock market turbulence, we have few sectors that will suffer the most even after the dust settles. Buying stocks because you believe the market will recover is one thing but buying the wrong stocks that won’t recover is another thing.

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Bankruptcy for many stocks is imminent so focus on the stocks that have the cash flow and reserve and will most likely survive after this turbulence calms down. These are the sectors that will in my opinion take time to recover ( Airline stocks, Cruise Lines, Hotels, Casinos, Restaurants ) the big names will survive just like always.

My advice is to be informed and learn before buying any stock. This does not affect day trading and what we do on this channel.

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