What Life is Actually Like Building a Startup Tech Company

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In previous videos, I shared with you what I am up to, what I am working on, and how much I work etc. Today, I talk about the day to day life and some of the things I have noticed since starting this company. 

Some key things like sleeping at the office and being alone all day are things that most people cannot handle but to me are fine.

Building a scalable business is truly something much different than building a solopreneur business. It has given me a true mindset that ‘this thing could become REALLY big’. Solo businesses and small businesses make up more than 98% of all businesses in Canada. I have built 3 of those already, and this is the first ‘big’ idea. 

Something else that I already knew was that building a business will consume ALL of your thoughts and time when you are starting. This startup isn’t any different. 

Wearing all the hats and being a 5 tool player is especially important when starting a company because you have to do EVERYTHING before you begin to hire employees. 

Looking forward to new challenges everyday has made me happier (but slightly more stressed) because of the constant mental stimulation. 

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