TheSigns 2.0

This is a look into Forex in all its glory. This raw and uncut. We go over the following topics:
– Unlearning and Learning (05:15)
– What is Forex (10:20)
– Prerequisites to Trade (16:50)
– Choosing a Currency Pair (47:20)
– Risk Planning (53:50)
– How to Protect yourself from YOURSELF (1:26:50)
– Ted (Guest) (1:52:00)
– Alex Blupips (2:48:00)
– Alex Hill (Guest) (3:00:00)
– Technical Analysis (3:37:00)
– Identifying a Trend (3:49:12)
– HTF wickfills vs LTF structure (4:28:00)
– Analysis Parslysis (4:44:40)
– Building a Trading Plan (4:55:40)
– Forex6God (5:15:00)

This webinar is meant for you:

– If you are already trading and trying to scalp, it is meant for you if you want to know more about scalping.

– It is meant for you if you want to have a deeper understanding of the psychology in forex.

– It is meant for you if you feel like you are lost and are tired of paying people to teach you a winning system.

– It is meant for you if you are an impatient person and want to be in the market for a short amount of time.

Remember this, there is NO holy grail in forex. No winning system is going to work for you in the long term, the only system that WILL work would be based on what you see everyday in the repetitive rotations of the market. I believe if you follow the fundamental aspects of trading, that are highlighted in the webinar, religiously for a month, there is no doubt in my mind that you will start to see consistency.

If you find even a little bit of use for this webinar, please share it wherever you can. It is meant to for everyone who is lost in the wilderness of knowledge.

Big shoutout to everyone who has supported me. You know exactly who you are.



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