The Pandemic That Is Destroying Civilization Is Here…Again

There is a global pandemic spreading throughout the world, there is one of the worst recessions in generations, and there is a panic radiating throughout society…

no, i’m not talking about the year 2020. I am talking about 1918… and 1788…and actually…a whole litany of other years throughout history where the world has gone through a similar ordeal.

You see sometimes, the best way to predict the future is to look to the past. Because some of the solutions and outcomes for what we are going through today, might be based on what humanity has done throughout antiquity.

One thing that you aren’t being told right now… is that even though what we are going through today might feel unprecedented… it has actually happened many times throughout history.

For example have you ever thought about how we know how to deal with a disease outbreak? How did we learn how to respond to a pandemic?

Well the earliest recorded pandemic took place before the invention of the internet, before the discovery of electricity, before the completion of great wall of china, and even before the construction of the colosseum.

Before all of those things, there was a historical event called the plague of athens.
Back in 430 BC, The ancient Greeks were arguably the most advanced civilization in the world and were going their own golden age.

During this golden age, they invented things like Democracy, Plumbing, Central Heating, and Advanced Construction Cranes.

Using these cranes, they would go on to make 5 of the 7 ancient wonders of the world in…The Temple of Artemis, The Statue of Zeus, The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, The Colossus of Rhodes, and the Lighthouse of Alexandria.

They were truly one of the most innovative and powerful civilizations in history

…yet they would soon be faced with a new challenge. Despite all of the progress the Greeks made towards science, one thing they were not prepared for was a pandemic. At the time, there was a deadly illness that was making its was through Egypt and Libya, and had finally reached Greece.

Within a year, 25% of the city Athens, died of the disease. It eventually went on to kill 100 000 people, or about 20% of the Ancient greek population at the time.

Imagine that. if 20% of a country in the modern world were to be wiped out within a year from one infectious disease. that would be the equivalent of 70 million people in the united states dying in one year…or almost 191 000 people per day.

Now, as a result of this ancient plague, the Greek citizens entered state of hysteria where most of the population no longer obeyed the law because they feared that they were all living with a death sentence anyways. So they also began spending all of their life savings without much care of what their financial future may hold.

Greece’s Health, Society, and Economy, began to break down from this new pandemic.

And even though this would go down as one of the worst disease outbreaks in history, There were 2 massive positives that came from it.

One of which was that it was the first time where the details of a pandemic were recorded and analyzed.

The second positive was that it was also the first time where a human came up with the idea that diseases could spread from one infected person to another.

This was because the Greek Historian Thucydides noticed that the People who became sick were the ones who were close to others who were already sick.

So he was the first person that thought that proximity to a diseased person had a direct impact on the transmission of a disease.

And this is an idea that we are using to combat the current global pandemic today. Does “social distancing” sound familiar to you? Now it is being recommended by the WHO to stay atleast 3 to 6 feet away from anyone you may encounter in a social or public setting.

Well that is a 2400 year-old idea that originated from the mind of Thucydides during the plague of athens, and was the first step towards us learning how to respond to an outbreak of a disease

This insight would go onto to indirectly spark ideas that would save billions of lives in the future. But humanity was still quite a ways away from knowing how to deal with a pandemic. Too long for description…End of Transcript

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