The 10 Ways BUSINESSES Use PSYCHOLOGY to TRICK YOU: How To Sell Anything

How Businesses use Psychology in order to trick you. The 10 Ways BUSINESSES Use PSYCHOLOGY to TRICK YOU: How To Sell Anything.

I want you to think about the last 10 purchases you have made. Did you order some household items online? Did you go to a store and buy some clothes? How about stopping by a gas station to fill up your car? Did you stop to get some fast food along the way?

Whether you know it or not, nearly every purchase you have ever made in your life is influenced by psychological and other environmental factors that you may not be aware of. And in this video, we will uncover every single trick that is used, in order to get you to buy a product or service.

Ever since the dawn of commerce 150 000 years ago, humans have been making exchanges for goods and services. Initially, transactions were based on a barter system, where individuals would trade goods and services for other goods and services.

As Civilization grew, so did the evolution of commerce and trading. In 2700 BCE, Ancient Egyptians were trading livestock on levels that were unparalleled to the rest of the world. And as the trading of livestock in ancient egypt grew, so did the frequency of stolen livestock.

That’s when the Egyptians came up with a way to differentiate one persons livestock from another, and identify if someone stole their goods. The egyptians began branding their livestock with unique symbols in order for their goods to stand out amongst all other similar goods.

And this was the birth of branding, the first psychological trick that businesses still use today, in order to get you to buy their product.

Why is nike worth $124 billion today? Is it because they make the highest quality shoes? Probably not. I mean, Zion Williamson might agree with that. Is it because they are cheaper or more comfortable than the other shoes on the market? That’s probably not the case either. What makes Nike worth $128 Billion dollars, is its branding. And this could be applied to most other clothing or shoe brands in world too.

When you buy a pair of nike’s, you are mainly buying it for the design of the shoe, the swoosh on the side, and the meaning behind the swoosh. These are truly the only unique identifiers of the shoe, and these are also known as the nike brand. You see, when people think of nike, they think Michael Jordan and basketball, Tiger Woods and Golf, Roger Federer and Tennis, Ronaldo and Soccer… or pretty much any NFL athlete. That’s because ever since the customer was a kid, they have seen tons of nike advertisements with these athletes and seen them on TV wearing the Nike Brand.
This makes the Nike brand linked hand and hand with well-known world-class athletes, in the minds of the public.

So when a young adult goes to buy a pair of new athletic shoes, they will want to try on the ones with the world-class athlete that they know and admire, first. Because they want to be like them, they want to feel a deeper connection to their shoes. They want to feel apart of something that is bigger than themselves. They want to be apart of the nike brand… And this is why branding is so important.

Branding is a unique psychological trick that creates a lasting impression in the minds of all of its customers.

But not all purchases rely on branding. And their is actually a larger psychological factor, in determining whether a person will be a lifelong customer from a business or not.

I mean, when you go buy some groceries, do you really care about the branding of 90% of what you buy? Yet, you probably buy the same brands over and over again.

So, why do customers stick to some brands, even they don’t have a known message like Nike.

Lets take an example of 3 different unknown chocolate brands. You decide to purchase 1 box of chocolates from one of these brands… at random for $20. You go home, and decide to share some of these chocolates with your new girlfriend or boyfriend. You both enjoy the chocolates and have a great night together.

This simple act will likely make you a customer for life with this one chocolate brand. That is because your brain will now associate these chocolates with a positive experience you had with your partner…
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