Forex basics ( Evening analysis and live trades ) Advanced Pattern Tutorial - EAP training program - I decided to record a video tonight after having a really good day of trading to show you guys all the analysis that i went through in order to take advantage of the Forex market and bring in some BIG PIPS today. There were a few breakout patterns along with some advanced patterns that played a big part in my winning day so check out the video and make sure to like it for me and SUBSCRIBE if your new. Enjoy!

How To Make $500 Day Trading The Stock Market ( STEP BY STEP) we go through another tutorial on how to trade the stock market and make $500 a day in just under 10 minutes trading the zed monopoly way. Easy and Simple explanation... Learn How to trade stocks & Join the chat room here Join me on Instagram @ Simpyzedd (This video is for demonstration purposes only, there's more to learn) Day trading will take some time and practice to become consistent. Have a look at the last video for some motivation from my students. Smashy smashy and show your boy some love for more trading tutorials.

How To Make $500 Day Trading Stocks ( The Stock Market 2020 ) to make $500+ day trading the stock market from home. Today we're going over another trading session and I will break it down in simple wordings I also showcase the result of my chat room. Join the chat and course here How to start trading the stock market Day trading requires a skill, what we done today in this video is we predicted based on patterns what will happen to the stock and then we reacted based on price action , as we spoke about in the last trading video. Making money consistently in the stock market will be the final missing piece. Join me on Instagram @ Simplyzedd (my only Instagram account) Smashy smashy that like button if you learned a

TOP PENNY STOCKS 2018 ‘1000% GAIN PER TRADE’! TRADING PENNY STOCKS IN 2018 PENNY STOCKS YOU NEED TO WATCH FOR JAN, FEB, MARCH 2018 that are bound to spike in value. Trading penny stocks is simple you don't need to take a course like most youtubers claim you need. Penny stocks have different segments we only focus on pharmaceutical penny stocks for the simple reason is that we can predict when the spike will happen. So the top penny stocks that you need to watch are in the link below, follow the tutorial in this video and find out what stocks have a trial or a catalyst and the date for each catalyst. You Will also need to search the company's website for that specific stock to find out the trial result weather

Trading Stocks and Crypto Like We Trade Forex (Podcast Episode 44) we take the things we've learned from this channel to trade other markets?  We need to understand the key differences first.   Subscribe on iTunes -   Follow the Podcast on Spotify -   Subscribe on Stitcher -   Follow Me On Twitter! -

How To Make $500+ A Day Trading Stocks .. The Stock Market to Make $500+ in 15 minutes a day trading stocks with zed monopoly. Today I will show you my trade on GIII exactly my thinking process and how I made over $500 (2%) in the stock market from a simple laptop. Learn how I trade Day trading takes a skill and a strategy, the process of these video's is to educate you on the stock market and how a day trader thinks before every trade and also to promote my course & chat room which is needed if you decide to follow my trading strategy and also to be apart of a community that can help you every day before you trade. Instagram @ Simplyzedd smashy smashy if you see this.

How To Make $400+ in 7 Minutes a Day trading Stocks With Zed Monopoly I will show you how I made $400 in 7 minutes day trading the stock market along side my followers. We trade stocks based on news and hype, if you're new to trading stocks and penny stocks then watch this tutorial Join the discord chat + learn how i trade from the course Follow me on Instagram@ Simplyzedd. Stock trading is not easy but it's not hard, to begin with you will need to put in time to learn the ins and outs of the stock market and how to make money using a strategy and framework. Day trading is a skill that anyone can learn, i know many like to complicate it for you but once you understand the

Live Day Trading🚀 – How To Make $400 a Day Trading Stocks we're day trading live, profiting from $pzza with $400 in the space of 10 minutes. I showed you how to trade that stocks using my earning report strategy. 3 in 1 stock course+discord chat Stock Alerts Instagram@Simplyzedd Day trading tutorial for beginners 2019 Zed monopoly strategy.