Best Candlestick Pattern Strategies (Use These To Get The Best Entries & Profit Fast) pattern trading strategies are what most traders are missing. Don't believe me? Then ask yourself this question. The last time you placed a trade, did you know exactly why you placed that trade?... I don't mean the analysis, I am not talking about support and resistance or all of your indicators lining up. I mean, why did you press the buy button? Candlestick patterns are the proof we need after our analysis plays out, that the market is going to go in the direction we predicted. That is why in this video I am going to share my favorite candlestick pattern strategies with you! I hope you enjoy it! Pre-Black Friday Event - FREE TRAINING (for strategy in this video)

2 reasons why the FOREX market will BOOM in 2021! Lockwood (from Forex Signals) goes over the 2 biggest reasons why he thinks the Forex market will boom in 2021. In this Forex fundamental analysis video, Andrew goes over two major events that will set the tone for the Forex market in 2021. First, we have the coronavirus vaccine. Second, we have the Biden presidency. Andrew is a professional trader who has been trading Forex for over 30 years, his advice is invaluable to Forex traders who aim to be profitable. Watch what his views are on the covid 19 vaccine, a Joe Biden presidency, and the Forex market in 2021! --- ► Watch Forex Pros like Andrew Trade Live & Join a Community of Traders: Rated EXCELLENT (1,500+ reviews) ► Forex

THE BEST Technical Indicators to BOOST your day trading! (Forex Technical Analysis) this video, Andrew (from Forex Signals) goes over the most important and most used Forex technical indicators. Every forex trader should know these technical indicators to boost their technical analysis and their day trading and swing trading. Andrew also shows where to find these technical indicators and how to add them to your MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform! After this video, you should know the best trading indicators for beginners for forex trading! --- ► Watch Forex Pros like Andrew Trade Live & Join a Community of Traders: Rated EXCELLENT (1,500+ reviews) ► Forex Peace Army: ► Trust Pilot: --- FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA (free forex signals, tips & tricks) ► Facebook, Instagram, Telegram: @forexsignalscom ► Twitter: @ForexSignalsFTW

How To EASILY Identify A Change In Market Conditions (Trading For Beginners) To Easily Identify A Change In Market Conditions - This video is from the beginner basics module in Smartcharts (my favourite trading platform) to learn more about SmartCharts click below - ► Check Out My FREE Webinar, The "Insider" System To Make A Killing With Forex - Get Your FREE Ultimate Traders Cheat Sheet Here ► Do you know How To Easily Identify A Change In Market Conditions? This video covers everything you need to know about Market Conditions, once you've watched this you'll know how to identify and profit from any change in the market, so watch this before placing a trade! SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL AND BECOME A TRADER: ► How To Make More Successful Trades: My

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What is Forex Swap? The hidden cost of trading FX explained might think you know all the costs involved in Forex trading, but do you really? Not many people know what the 'Forex Swap' is and how it can either cost you money or indeed make you money. Andrew will explain in this short video all the costs involved in forex trading and why you need to watch out for the Forex Swap. Feel free to leave a 🗨️ comment below, 👍 like the video and 🔔 subscribe if you want to see more content like this in the future. ⤵️ 🔴🔥 Want to watch me how I trade live daily? Start your 7-day, no-obligation Free Trial here: ➡️ 📈💡 Best Forex trading room in the world: 📲🔥 Download our trading room app: Android

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