The Illegal Empire – Musk’s HyperLoop Approved? – Amazon Sears Partnership will be talking about a few things in todays business news show. The Illegal Empire of Alphabay has been shut down. 240 000 users and 40 000 vendors bought and sold illegal drugs (opiods), cryptocurrency, personal information, and hacked accounts. Billions of dollars in transactions. The Elon Musk Hyperloop by his Boring Company might have gotten a verbal approval to build a tunnel from Washington DC to New York Sears went to the dark side and partnered with Amazon Stock Market Winners: Sears Scripps Network Stock Market Losers: Best Buy Home Depot Lowe's Podcast: Stock Market Mastery Course: Wealth Accelerator Course: BOOKS: Mindset Book: Book for Motivation: Book on Stocks (In 2017): The Most Important Book I've Ever Read: Investing Strategy and Business Strategy: Favourite All-Around Read: MY EQUIPMENT: MICROPHONE: CAMERA: USB