Should You Buy Stocks Now? (Stock Market Crash 2020)

The Stock market crash of 2020 has created a lot of opportunities for the future however is it the right time to buy stocks for the long term or for swing trading or should you wait for the market to give you a clear indication and for the dust to settle to save you money but also to give you a better opportunity to gain more. Join my trading course & chat room here

The stock market crash we’re currently in will leave behind it a lot of suffering financially and some stocks will file for bankruptcy while others will survive, not every stock you buy will survive in the market crash so you have to be prepared.

So what stocks to buy during this crash?
The big stocks/companies will survive while others will fall behind and it will take them months if not years to recover to where they where few weeks ago. It is your obligation to inform yourself before buying stocks that have been hyped up by youtube channels for the sake of making videos. This is real hard-earned money we’re dealing with and you have to look at the future for the decision rather than the present.

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