Should I Quit?

This is the second vlog about building my e-commerce business. It is very important because I hit a roadblock this week. I realized that the site I wanted to make was going to take a lot more expertise than I currently have. The website I want cannot be a basic wordpress plugin and go website, it needs to be SIGNIFICANTLY more than that. So here were my options.

The first option is to quit. I don’t have the capability, or the skill. It’s not making me any money at the moment. So should I just dedicate my time towards things that are making me money now? 99% of people will say yes to that question which is why 99% of people will not build a successful business. At the first sign of adversity, people get scared and quit, or worse, they don’t even attempt to start.

The second option is to hire someone to develop the site for me. This was a serious consideration. I would be willing to invest thousands of dollars into a site that would produce a MVP (minimally viable product), but there are problems with that. To get the site to ‘perfect’, it’d probably cost me 50-70k (too much at the moment). It would also give a developer full control of the company itself because whenever I needed to change the site, I would need to ask them to do it. 

The third option is to learn how to do it myself. The time commitment will be insane and it may push everything back by 4-8 weeks. However, I looked at the billionaire technology entrepreneurs list and my mind became made up. Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs/Wozniak. Something they all have in common is that they new how to build their product when the company started and they all knew how to code. Why should I be any different. 4 hours into my programming & web development courses. 196 more to go. 


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