Profit from the Coming Bond Market Crash by Adam Khoo

Bond market yields are at an all time low and an unprecedented number of government and corporate global bonds are offering negative yields. This is not sustainable and we are looking a potential bursting of the global bond bubble. Watch how Adam Khoo use Put options (stock options) to trade on a fall in bond ETFs.

Dividend yields on S&P 500 stocks are now exceeding treasury bond yields… a rare phenomenon that indicates that stocks are undervalued relative to bonds. This usually precedes a rise in the stock market and a fall in the bond market.

Adam Khoo is a professional stock and forex trader and the best-selling author of ‘Winning the Game of Stocks” and “Profit from the Panic”.

He is the four-time winner of the ‘Most Preferred Financial Educator’ Award and ‘Most Preferred Investment Speaker Award’ in Singapore.

Thousands of students have profited from his sharp insights into the world of stock investing (value investing), stock trading, options trading and Forex trading.

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