MY Top 7 Biggest Mistakes as an Entrepreneur

Perfection. This is a killer of many young entrepreneurs. People want to make things perfect before launching them. Guess what? Things don’t need to be perfect, and things will never be perfect. It’s better to start an imperfect company than to wait years run an attempt to launch a ‘perfect company’ (by the way, there is no such thing). Start your business, then improve it as you go

Selling. You need to sell something in order to have a business. Just because you have 2000 followers and are gaining traction within your free content doesn’t mean that you have a sustainable business. Your business needs money in order to survive. Selling is the only way to do it.

Confidence. Fearing that your product, business, or yourself is not good enough to be successful can stop you in your tracks as an entrepreneur. Have confidence in what your do. That’s something every entrepreneur needs.

8 hours. Only working 8 hours a day was a dumb mistake I made when i started. Think about it. Every average person in the world works about 8 hours a day. Do you want to be average? no. Most successful people work 12-15 hours a day. Those are the numbers you want to hit. I am not talking about spending an additional 4 hours on Facebook. I am talking about 4-7 additional hours of HARD WORK. If you get stressed out, good, that means you are beginning to work hard.

efficiency. Not being efficient with my time early on was something i had to learn. I was spending 8-20 hours on things that would only make me $50-100. Sure, that’s not terrible, but after you do that for a couple months and see know growth, it might be time to move on. Try to find ways where you can make Either $100-$1000+ in 8-20 hours, or find ways to make $50-$100 in 2 hours. That is much more efficient. Time is valuable, it’s the one commodity you can’t get back.

Urgency. Early on I had the mindset of ‘oh look everything is growing a little bit’. A LITTLE BIT?!?!? IS THAT ALL YOU WANT??? I was reasoning that if i were to maintain that growth for 10 years, i might have a successful business that i could do full-time. Then I decide to change my mindset. I want to be successful NOW. Soon after that change in mindset…that goal that i thought would take me 10 years, took only 6 weeks. Urgency is key in entrepreneurship.

Not Hiring. This is still my biggest mistake. I no longer have time to run all aspects of a successful business. Sure, hiring people will probably cut down your profits in the short term, but it will likely help you grow in the long term. You will reach a point in your business when you realize you don’t have enough time to handle everything. I reached that point this year. 

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