My New Business Start Up! – Sorry For Rambling (Read Description For Better Details)

Hey Everyone! So this was a giant mess of a video, I will explain everything better in future videos. My regular videos are coming again tomorrow. Here is a summary of what is going on:

I am building an E-commerce Website.

It is a marketplace website like Amazon, Etsy, or Ebay. Yes, I realize I am 20 years late, I am the 20 000th E-marketplace, and that this is a MONUMENTAL task.

I will be posting all of my products on there (from courses, to old yugioh cards, to Blu-Ray dvd’s and more).

You guys can sign up for free and sell almost anything you want (pending approval to make sure it isn’t illegal or a scam)

I have about 10 vendors lined up already including myself.

Digital products can be sold too!

I will make tutorials on this channel along with potentially doing skype calls and coaching calls (which i may upload but idk yet)

The fee the website gets will be low fairly low, 3-8% probably. I haven’t worked out the numbers yet.

I may need to get a web developer or business partner before I launch, we will see. 


– 200+ hours of work probably before launch :p

– Tracking Shipments (fixed)

– Video Hosting (Temporarily use downloads)

– Ranking algorithms 

– PPC ads 

– International sales

Work to do this week:

– Website Design

– Test out the sales platform with Paypal and Stripe

Work to do next week:

– Test a product shipment/sale

I am still figuring out stuff as I go and will keep you guys updated with more coherent content in the future. I will hopefully get the business name changed in about a month and then start sharing the site 🙂 Anyways, If this fails, it fails. If it succeed, it succeeds. Either way, I am excited.


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