How To Make $500+ Day Trading The Stock Market From Home

How To make $500 + day trading stocks during the current condition of the stock market. Today I will take you step by step trading the stock market from my kitchen table. Today’s trade was on a stock called ccl, a 3% return on investment in less than 10 minutes. Join the Course & Chat room here

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This is how you should be trading during a bear stock market, where the majority of stocks will get pumped however knowing the uncertainty in the market will cause a drop every day and your job is to understand why that happens and when. Making money in the stock market will take skill and some discipline. Make sure to trade stocks with money you can afford to lose, it will save you emotionally.

Again some days you can make $500 while other days $1000 and other days when the market isn’t going in your favour you can potentially lose some of that profit, So understand the risk and potential reward before entering this field and get educated to find an edge over the house.

Here’s a list of stock brokers to use.
Interactive brokers
cityindex (broker in the video, not recommended for beginners (cfds, high leverage))
Do your own research on these brokers.

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