How to Install Voltrex RX Multipairs Giant Forex Robot

How to Install Voltrex RX Multi pairs Giant Forex Robot

1. Download files from email to the Downloads folder.
2. Open data folder from Metatrader 5 client terminal
3. Every data folder working under unique folder name like as 59213DBCD05BCEE38305841A852EBE45
your’s Metatrader 5 client terminal unique name must be different. This is not important.
4. Open MQL5
5. Open Experts
6. Return to the Downloads folder
7. Select to Giant Robot files from Download folders
8. Push the Control button from keyword and select with mouse left-click.
6. After selection. Unpush to control button from keyword.
9. Right-click to the mouse.
10. Select copy.
11. Goto Experts folder.
12. Right-click to the mouse.
13. Select paste.
14. Return to MQL5 folder
15. Open Indicators
16. Return to the Downloads folder
17. Select the FSU_Median.ex5 to file with a left-click the mouse.
18. Right-click mouse and select copy.
19. Return to Indicators folder
20. Right-click mouse and select paste.
21. Return to MT5 Terminal
22. Open navigator
23. Refresh to navigator with right-clicking the mouse.
24. Select refresh and left-click.
25. Open market-watch
26. Now we open 10 charts.
AUDUSD and the others. Right-click and chart-window.
Complete to others.
27. Now charts ready.
28. Window – tile window (for working easy)
29. Drag-drop every robot to chart One chart have got One robot
30. Left mouse push – Goto chart – Unpush left mouse (this is drag-drop)
31. Select allows.
32. Click to the ok button.
33. Open toolbox.
34. Click to auto trade … Green is starting.
35. Follow to results. Giant is a fully automatic multi pairs expert robot.

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