Emotional Mastery – The Three BEST Rules To Help Control Your Emotions

Would you like to learn how to master your emotions? Learning how to control your emotions is essential to becoming a great trader, business person, family member and overall human being. Don’t make the mistake of overlooking it!

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When I was younger, I had the privilege to learn from the wise words of Dr John DeMartini (Of ‘The Secret’ Fame). The words went something like this: all human beings behave in line with their perceptions of their own identity. If you believe you are a particular type of person you will act accordingly with that belief. The good news is that beliefs and perceptions about yourself can be changed. When you trade, you’re going to have winning and losing trades… it isn’t the result that matters, but how you respond, that will impact your trading performance moving forwards. It’s vital, as a trader, to start towards emotional mastery and create positive beliefs about your future success. Here’s an extra nudge in the right direction!

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