Andrew (from Forex Signals) is brutally honest about the benefits and dangers of leverage in Forex trading! When used properly, leverage can be a useful tool, but Forex gurus flashing their big mansions and shiny cars hide the fact that it is a double edged sword that can lead to huge losses too. In this video, Andrew explains Forex leverage and what it means for your day trading and swing trading Forex strategies. At the end, you’ll walk away having Forex leverage explained. Anybody that wants to learn to trade Forex needs to be aware of this lesson! After, you’ll understand the pros and cons of using leverage in Forex, and you’ll be a better and more educated Forex trader for it!

Andrew Lockwood is a mentor, not a Forex guru! He doesn’t claim to teach “get rich quick” schemes. Beware of Forex scams and find mentors that will teach you the knowledge and skills necessary to develop your own Forex strategies that will allow you to be a profitable trader in the long term.

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