‘Day in the Life’ (Weekend) 2017 – The Cottage, Flying Drones, & Ukulele Covers

Here is my ‘day in the life’ video! Its my first vlog, so go easy on me :p I got more comfortable with vlogging as the weekend went along, so it starts a little awkward. I liked making this and will try to make more along with business videos 🙂

I would like to apologize because I was VERY sick this weekend, so I was completely stuffed up through this vlog. Also, this video was a day late because my computer crashed and had to re-edit the ENTIRE vlog.

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Chapter Markers
0:00 start
2:00 Driving
3:20 Meet My Girlfriend
5:18 Arriving at the Cottage
6:27 Drone flying 1
8:00 rock adventure
10:34 Alien Covenant
11:43 Drone Flying 2
11:59 Ukelele Covers
14:21 Leaving the Cottage
17:38 Julie’s house
18:27 Directors Cut Commentary

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