How To Use Moving Averages on Think or Swim (Technical Analysis Lesson #2) i have a quick class on how to draw different studies and indicators on think or swim, and also how to customize them to your preferred settings. I also talk about how you can use these moving averages as good technical indicators and what to look out for. I also teach you have to save your studies to create a set on think or swim so you can quickly apply your settings to any chart without having to do it manually!

L Brands Drops 25% On Victoria’s Secret Deal Falling Through ( $60 Profit SELLING Puts) i talk about how to SELL OPTIONS to BUY STOCK at the price you choose. This strategy has been my go to for buying into stock, as the outcomes are usually a win-win situation. When you sell a put you are required to pay the collateral upfront, the cost of 100 shares and you take in a premium upfront. By the time the contract expires theres one of 2 outcomes, either it expires worthless and you get the collateral back, otherwise you are forced to buy 100 shares of the company you sold puts on, for the price you agreed upon when selling the contract. I took advantage of the high IV today on LB and managed a $60

Stash Portfolio Update and My Investing Strategy During CaronaVirus Scare I show you guys my Stash portfolio which is still in the positive and go over my game plan for investing during the caronavirus scare. I am mainly "trimming the fat" of my portfolios, im removing some of the beaten down speculation plays that havent worked thus far and moving the money into higher quality names that are down from the virus. Cuttings stocks like energy,oil, WBA and other names that have poor fundamentals and moving into world class companies only down because of virus and recession fears.

Mcdonalds jumps on news from new CEO – Framing New Values for the Company mcdonalds once again broke over $200/share. The news was some much needed news for mcdonalds, for the last few months it has been all downhill after the old CEO was fired for having a relationship with a Coworker and violating company policy. Today the new CEO had a powerful message for the future of the new company and some changes that are going to be coming. We may be seeing some new executives in the company soon.

Latest TESLA News! New ALL TIME HIGHS + Gigafactory 3 news ~$430 PER SHARE we talk about Tesla stock which has just broke $430 per share making new highs for the company. Theres been lots of good news from earnings, to more car sales, to expansion across the globe. Today i touch on all of those tops and give some insight on why the company rallied from ~300 to now $430/share. If you have a stock you think i should cover feel free to comment suguestions. If you want to get free stock sign up using my referral links below. - Free stock - Free Stock - Free Stock - Invest $100 get a free $100 - free $5 to Inves

8 Undervalued Stocks January 2020 (7.7% dividend yield) i show you guys 8 stocks that im currently buying. Or watching to start to build my position. At this time with the market near highs its hard to find an undervalued investment. Ive managed to find a few stocks i think are good buys at this point and the majority are large cap companies. A bit speculative on some of them so these are relatively small compared to my whole portfolio but still good to have.

How to Draw Fibonacci Retracements! (Think or Swim Technical Analysis) i show you how to draw Fib Retracements on any chart, using any time frame. The lines are made by first clicking the high point of the chart, then dragging the mouse down to the low point of the chart. It will draw a series of lines which are made from a calculation. The lines represent possible support or resistance lines that are well respected levels.

My Complete DIVIDEND GROWTH Portfolio – Week 8 Update – $200/mo Passive Income everyone, the end of 2019 is finally here! I had an amazing year and achieved the goals I set. I think setting specific goals is very important and urge everyone to set measurable goals. One of my Stocks is up 75% YTD! Currently im holding about 5% of my portfolio in Cash & buying hedges. My investments are currently yielding about $100 per month in dividends and $100 per month from covered calls. Looking to continue to grow that number and one day (hopefully) be able to pay bills and live with that income. Long ways to go but i appreciate all the support! If you want to get a free stock (and help support the channel) sign up

What 8% Yielding Dividend Growth Stock I’m Buying Heavily This Week – 5 Year Low I am talking about none other than Altria. It’s a stock that I’ve been averaging into for many weeks now and I’m going to make a relatively large purchase on Monday. I briefly go over a few of the metrics behind why I think it had a good valuation and go through some of the business behind the stock. Some may consider this catching a falling knife. Always do your own research before investing.