Big Banks Part Two sure you watch part one first, but if there are any remaining questions about the concept of understanding how the major banks and institutions of the world move price, hopefully this video will answer them all so you're well-equipped to move forward in your trading career. Original Big Banks Video - Beginners Video - Homepage - Testimonials Page (Pro Traders) - IG Client Sentiment - Get the FXCM Report Via Twitter - Follow Me On Twitter - CNBC Article on Big Banks Getting Fined -

The Forex Trading Youtube Channel That’s Changing Everything. Forex Trading Youtube Channel from a real professional forex prop trader. A completely different and refreshing approach to FX Trading. This channel gives you everything, such as.: - Telling you what NOT to do (and there are lots of these) - Showing you a real system that's easy and give consistent results - Trade/Money Management, which gets ignored way too often - Trading Psychology, which everyone sucks at And a blog for those who would rather read everything: Every Forex trading video is designed to be very simple to understand, and is also designed to make you a better trader when you're finished watching. Subscribe and get ready. Everything is about to change.

More Women Should Trade Forex my opinion, women have unique advantages from a psychological standpoint when it comes to trading Forex. Let's drill down and see how we can all benefit from the things which make them great at this. Beginners Video - Patience Video - No Nonsense Forex Blog Section -

CCI Indicator – If You Only Knew Commodity Channel Index, or CCI Indicator has no place in Forex trading. Find out why, and what you can do instead. Trend Indicators Video - Dirty Dozen Video - Beginners Video -

Topics Left Uncovered (Podcast Episode 71) to popular belief, VP is only one man and cannot be experienced on every topic related to Forex trading.  But that doesn't mean he has no opinions on it.  And what does he really think about his competition?   Discord Link -   Subscribe on iTunes -   Follow the Podcast on Spotify -   Subscribe on Stitcher -   Follow Me On Twitter! -

Depth Of Market Indicator (Podcast Episode 43) Depth Of Market, or DOM Indicator attempts to tell you where retail traders are trading.  But does it give us enough information?  Also, how to rise above your competition.   Blog For This Episode -   Losing Video -   Exit Indicators Video -   Sentiment Video -   Subscribe on iTunes -   Follow the Podcast on Spotify -   Subscribe on Stitcher -   Follow Me On Twitter! -

Forex 2020 – What To Expect (Podcast Episode 77) in 2020 should be fun to watch if anything else.  But how should we approach the upcoming year with the US election and a possible recession looming?  Is there a way to win regardless of the outcome?  Plus a look back on 2019, and a request for a bit more kindness.   Discord Link -   Subscribe on iTunes -   Follow the Podcast on Spotify -   Subscribe on Stitcher -   Follow Me On Twitter! -

Best Forex Brokers (Non-US Version) choosing the best Forex broker, you need to know what you're looking for first. But then once you know, getting a bonus on top aint bad either. I've got two different choices for you, one broker very different from the other, but both awesome. We feature one Forex broker from Australia, and another Forex broker from the UK. All of this still applies in the year 2020, even moreso than before. Both of these brokers have been fantastic with you guys, the response has been tremendous. And yes, these are affiliate links. BONUS LINK FOR MY #1 BROKER - BONUS LINK FOR MY #2 BROKER - CONSULT THE BLOGS FOR UPDATES Blog For Blueberry Markets Blog For Reach Ben Clay from Blueberry