Billionaire Warns of Economic Collapse! – Soundcloud Fired 40% Of Its Company! – Business News Today

Billionaire Says Economic Collapse Will Happen Soon! – Soundcloud Fired 40% Of Its Company! – Business News Today

Soundcloud announced that it is firing about 40% of its entire staff (173 jobs). Will this make them profitable? Their revenue stands at about $55 billion.

Google announced that it will be venturing into the Geothermal Energy Industry with a $2 million dollar investment. Can this be the next big form of renewable energy?

The Job Reports came out today and surprised a ton of investors. Jobs gains were at 222 000 in June as Wall street had an estimated 175 000 gain. It blew away expectations. Unemployment rose slightly to 4.4% and average wages have grown 2.5% since last year.

Ray Dalio, the Billionaire hedge fund investor, says market is near its peak buy he keep dancing but ‘close to the exit door’

Amazon almost didn’t buy whole foods

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