3 Best Monthly Dividend Stocks for 2019📈

3 Best Monthly Dividend Stocks for 2019. Monthly dividend stocks can help pay the bills month after month! Rather then having to wait 3 months for a dividend you can invest into companies that are paying dividends monthly! These are 3 of my favorite high yield dividend paying stock picks for 2019. All of these companies have dividend growth track records and they continue to reward/enrich shareholders. Dividend growth investing can be incredibly lucrative and translate into massive long term gains.

Owning dividend growth stocks helps to separate long-term total returns from the volatility of the market. Instead of worrying about your portfolio’s price performance any given day or year, just keep an eye on its dividends rolling in. After all, they will account for a substantial portion of your returns.
Dividend growth investing can create incredible amounts of wealth and the income from dividends provides investors with cash flow to buy stocks when they are on sale!

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