How to FADE a Gap Properly! frequently get asked: 'When is it OK to fade a gap?' The answer is, 'It depends.' So, today's lecture talks about when it's acceptable to go in the opposite direction of the trend/gap. It's a powerful tool that all traders should have in their tool box. $1, 14 Day Trial to the Live Traders Trading Room: Link Below: #Stocks #Trading #Money Jared@LiveTraders.Com

Most Traders FAIL: Do You Believe in Your Trading ODDS? #Trading #Money Do you believe in the trading odds? Most people have no idea what expectancy is as it relates to trading, yet it's one of the most important stats you need to understand in your trading. Too many people are 'winging it' and hoping it'll work out. Professional trading doesn't work that way! Check out this video to learn what expectancy is and how you can improve yours! $1, 14 Day Trial to the Live Traders Chat Room: Link Below: https://www.LiveTraders.Com Jared@LiveTraders.Com

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Predict FOREX TRENDS with the MACD indicator! Use MACD in MetaTrader 4! (from Forex Signals) explains the MACD indicator, one of the most powerful Forex technical indicators, and shows you what a MACD trading strategy would look like. Andrew also shows how to use the MACD indicator in MetaTrader 4 (MT4). Every Forex trader should know about the MACD indicator strategy as it greatly enhances your Forex technical analysis. Apply a MACD indicator strategy to predict Forex trends and make accurate Forex forecasts to boost your day trading and swing trading. After this video, you will understand one of the best trading indicators for beginners. --- ► Watch Forex Pros like Andrew Trade Live & Join a Community of Traders: Rated EXCELLENT (1,500+ reviews) ► Forex Peace Army: ► Trust Pilot: --- FOLLOW US ON

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Best Candlestick Pattern Strategies (Use These To Get The Best Entries & Profit Fast) pattern trading strategies are what most traders are missing. Don't believe me? Then ask yourself this question. The last time you placed a trade, did you know exactly why you placed that trade?... I don't mean the analysis, I am not talking about support and resistance or all of your indicators lining up. I mean, why did you press the buy button? Candlestick patterns are the proof we need after our analysis plays out, that the market is going to go in the direction we predicted. That is why in this video I am going to share my favorite candlestick pattern strategies with you! I hope you enjoy it! Pre-Black Friday Event - FREE TRAINING (for strategy in this video)

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Uranium Mining Stock Investing For Beginners of their low market caps, and a sour view on nuclear energy, uranium mining stocks could very well be the most undervalued space in the entire world. Forex trader and resource investor VP explains his approach. Blog for this episode - Buy and Hold Video -