🔵 Webull Review ❗ Best Investing Platform For Swing Trading 🔵

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The Webull investing platform might be one of the best investing apps I’ve ever used. This is a free to trade investment platform that let’s you trade after hours. You can trade anytime from 4am to 8pm in the stock market. This free investing app is completely free to use, free to trade, and you get free stocks when signing up. We review Webull in this video. The Webull app has great support, live agents as well as live phone calls during trading hours. They have in depth charts and in depth technical analysis tools such as moving averages, something Robinhood does not have. Full extended hours trading makes this perfect for swing traders. They also offer paper trading, letting you use fake money for trading experience. SIPC insured, SEC registered, regulated by Finra, very secured, with an office in New York City. Webull app has so much useful information such as IPO for new stocks with initial public offerings. Earnings reports with dates and reminders for those who like to trade stock earnings. 25 different technical analysis tools. Recent news of each stock in your watch list. Analyst expectations and ratings for each company. Webull investment app has more information than Robinhood and M1 Finance, making it a very good investing platform for swing traders and long term holders. This is one of the best online stock brokerages I’ve ever used and one of the top investing apps for free stock trading.

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