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These are the best 5g stocks to watch in the stock market, are they the best 5g stocks to buy? 5g is the next big thing in technology. It stands for the 5th generation of mobile internet. We had 1g, 2g, 3g, 4g, and now in 2019, we have 5g. It will come with much faster downloads of 100x the speed of 4g, and much faster latency, this means less overall lag on your devices. 5g can be used for self driving cars, artificial intelligence, controlling robots, and the internet of things in your home. We have to get in 5g early to really profit from this new technology. The first 5g stock to watch is Qualcomm, the makers of the 5g modem. They will be supplying huge companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony, LG, and One Plus. They’re very ahead with their 5g modem technology so this is the leader in the actual chips supplying your phones with 5g. Then we have the 5g providers in Verizon stock and AT&T stock. These two are slow moving stocks with good dividends. THey will be launching 5g on phones by 2019 and it should be the norm in 2020. Verizon is the leader in cell phone service while AT&T is behind them. These carriers will benefit from this new form of revenue, once 5g becomes more used, customers will have to switch over to their 5g service, causing a spike in profits. American Tower Corp stock is providing the actual towers to 5g service. They already have over 160,000 towers all over the world, and those towers will be needed when the time comes. 5g will use smaller towers but they are connected to the big ones we currently have. Nokia stock and Ericsson stock are the ones in charge of 5g technology. They both have a huge amount of patents so any phone company will have to pay them for every phone they make. This is a huge source of passive revenue for both companies. They’re also slow moving companies on nice dips. Apple stock and Intel stock are safer plays into 5g. They are both blue chip companies that will benefit from 5g when it comes to Iphones. Intel stock will benefit from any new technology because their chips will be needed in any kind of computer. Apple stock will benefit because Iphones in 2020 will have 5g, causing consumers to finally switch from current models and increase sales. The higher risk companies have more potential to spike up. Apple, Intel, Verizon, and AT&T are lower risk which might see less gains in the stock market. Qualcomm stock, American Tower Corp stock, Nokia stock, and Ericsson stock has potential to spike up 100% or more in the coming 10 years, because these are stocks that haven’t moved much in the previous years but are all essential to 5g, which is inevitable. These are the best 5g stocks to watch in the stock market.

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