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How to read a stock quote, something every beginner stock market investor should learn when investing in the stock market. We will use Apple stock as an example. The top of the stock quote is the name of the company, Apple Inc. Next to that is the ticker symbol, or a small nickname for the company. Under the name is the stock exchange the stock is traded at. Then we have the price of the stock and the increase or decrease in the stock market. Then we have the chart of the stock price over a certain period of time. Previous close is the last trading price of the stock in the last trading day. Open is the price of the stock at opening today. Bid is how much you can get for selling your stock. Ask is the price to buy a stock you want. Day’s Range is the range of the price of the stock today. 52 week range is the 1 year range of the stock price. Volume is how many shares of stocks were traded today. Average volume is the average number of shares traded daily. Market cap is the total worth of the company. Beta is how volatile a stock is compared to the market as a whole, over 1 is over volatile, under 1 is less volatile. PE ratio means the price to earnings ratio, telling us how much we’re paying for a company’s profits. We can calculate the PE ratio using the EPS or earnings per share, dividing the stock price by the earnings per share, we can see how much we’re paying for every 1 dollar the company made in profits. The lower the PE ratio, the better the value in that stock. Earnings date is the date of the next earnings report. Forward dividend and yield is how much dividends the company is paying the investors. Ex dividend date is the date you have to own the stock in order to get the dividends. 1 year target estimate is how much analysts think the stock price will be in a year, not very accurate. That’s how you read a stock quote.

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