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How much should you invest in high risk stocks? Personally I’ve never invested more than $10,000 or 5% of my money in one high risk company. I sleep better at night knowing my money won’t disappear after a week. One stock can definitely go under and lose you 90% of your money, but 5 companies most likely won’t go under. Sure you can have much bigger gains of 40% on AMD stock, but losses mean a lot more when we’re using all your money. The best strategy is only gambling with under 20% of your money. A few risky stocks that went up recently were Snapchat stocks, Tesla stocks, and Twitter stocks. They all went up 25%, which is a huge growth. Just one stock that goes down would take away all that profit. If you bought GE stocks last October, you would be down 40%, and it would take 70% in gains to break even again. 90% of traders lose money because keeping a high risk stock is very difficult. Can you keep Snapchat if it dropped 50% and you lost 50% of your savings? A recent popular high risk stock is IQ stock or IQIYI, the Chinese Netflix. Why would you invest in a company you don’t understand in a different country that isn’t profitable? This is a complete gamble to invest in so don’t use more than 20% of your portfolio. High risk stocks can definitely be profitable but if you invest all your money, over time, you’ll lose it all.

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