🔴 How I Made $20,754 With An Index Fund 🔴

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How I made money with an index fund. I’m going to show to every single index fund I bought in the past 2 years. I made over $20,000 using only index funds in the stock market. This is how I made money using index funds passively. I currently hold over $120,000 in index funds, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100, both are up over 5%, giving me over $6,000. The S&P 500 has returned 10% a year for the past 100 years, so this is a safe index fund to invest in. Just saving $400 a month at 10% increase a year will make you a millionaire in 40 years. I bought even more of this index fund giving me profits of $7,500 before. It’s best to keep buying this fund as it dips, don’t try to time the market. To make money with index funds, you have to buy the dip as well as not sell on a loss. My first purchase of an index fund gave me a profit of $6,400, for a total of $20,754. In just 2 years, I made about 20% in index funds, giving me a nice passive income without any real work. Index funds can be very profitable if you can buy them the right way.

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