🔥 Best Recession Proof Stocks For 2020 Stock Market Crash 🔥

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The best recession proof stocks for the upcoming stock market crash. Will the stock market crash in 2020? This is definitely a possibility because it’s been over 10 years since the last stock market crash in 2007. These are the safest investments in a recession. I look for a few qualities in a safe recession proof stock. 1, it has to be something people need, like cheap food, electricity, garbage and water and such. 2, it has to be a big blue chip company. 3, it has to have years of dividend payments. 4, it has to survive the last crash without too much of a dip. For the dollar store sector I like Dollar General stock and Dollar Tree stock. Dollar general stock is a better value. People will need cheap dollar store items in a stock market crash or recession. For the discount retail sector i like Walmart stock and Costco stock, Walmart stock being a better value. People will need cheap items and bulk food when the market crashes. For consumer good sector, I like Proctor and Gamble stock and Johnson and Johnson stock, both being safe companies. People will need consumer products like cleaning supplies, snacks, etc in a market downturn. For technology sector I like the biggest companies in the world, Apple stock and Microsoft stock, both extremely blue chip with dividends. People will still need computers and phones, but will skip upgrades for a year or two. These are all safer companies in the stock market for a stock market crash or recession.

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