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How much do i need to start trading stocks in the stock market? If you’re American and have access to Robinhood, a free stock trading app, you can trade with as little as $20. Some really cheap stocks you can buy are AMD stock at $12. Paypal stock at $77. Walmart stock at $84. Micron stock at $53. With such a small amount, the best you can do is doubling your money. Without access to Robinhood, you should only trade with a minimum of $1000. Because most brokerages has a fee of $7 to buy and $7 to sell, making one trade costing you $14. $14 out of $100 is 14%, but $14 out of $1000 is only 1.4%, that’s not a bad amount to get past. Imagine making 25% with your $1000, giving you an extra $250, $14 goes to fees, you’ll have a profit of $236 instead, that’s still a good 24% increase. The more money you can trade with, the less the fees matter. Start with at least $1000, and use this for the experience, not for the small amount of profits you can get.

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