💚 Canopy Growth Stock Versus Aurora Cannabis Stock ❗ Best Marijuana Stocks In 2020 💚

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It’s been a year since legalization, are marijuana stocks still a buy in the stock market? Canopy Growth stock and Aurora Cannabis stock both went up 100% and then down to 0%. ACB stock and CGC stock has been extremely volatile. These weed stocks saw huge hype a year back, but are pot stocks still going to go up? In terms of revenue, Canopy Growth stock has been going up 3 to 4 times what they made before weed was legalized, making $90 million in the most recent quarter. Aurora Cannabis made more revenue in $98 million. Canopy Growth stock is bigger right now and makes more marijuana per quarter, at 41 thousand kilograms, compared to Aurora Cannabis making 29 thousand kilograms. Aurora has more medical patients, but Canopy Growth has more cash thanks to the investment by Constellation Brands. The main issue for weed stocks dropping is the lack of exponential growth. Investors were expecting huge spikes of 5 to 10 times in revenue, but we got 3 to 4 times instead. This lead to a better value in a lower price to sales ratio, so more revenue being made but the prices stayed the same. Canopy Growth’s CEO Bruce Linton was fired which caused a huge dip in their stock. Aurora Cannabis missed earnings even though they had a record quarter in revenue. Cronos stock and Aphria stock also stayed in the red after missing earnings. Some positives for cannabis stocks. Edibles are becoming legal in December 2019, giving marijuana stocks an extra push in revenue. Safe Banking Act was passed, allowing marijuana companies to work with banks. Sales have been increasing steadily so these pot companies should keep going up. These stocks are very volatile and can cost you 50% of your investment. I think marijuana stocks will do well in 2020 but don’t recommend anyone buy them without proper research.

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