💚 Canopy Growth Stock Versus Aurora Cannabis Stock ❗ Best Marijuana Stocks 💚

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Are Canopy Growth stock and Aurora Cannabis stock the best marijuana stocks to buy? These are the top two marijuana companies right now in the weed stock sector. Weed will be legal in Canada on October of 2018, meaning these marijuana stocks will explode in value once revenue goes up. You can buy these companies in America with the ticker symbol CGC for Canopy Growth Corp stocks, and ACBFF for Aurora Cannabis stocks. There’s an estimated 5 to 10 billion in revenue to be made in Canada, with foreign markets being as high as 100 billion a year. Both of these pot stocks have low value right now, because weed is not yet legal. After Aurora bought Medreleaf, they’re on part with Canopy in terms of market capitalization. Canopy has 74 thousand patients, they will have 5.7 million square feet of facilities, and can grow about 500,000 kg a year. Aurora has around the same patients, with 5 million square feet of facilities that can grow over 570,000 kg a year. Both companies can grow similar amounts of weed. Aurora has the advantage when it comes to selling to Europe, because all their facilities are GMP certified, compared to Canopy with only 10% being GMP certified. Both companies are good investments in the marijuana stock sector. Canopy being the safe and steady one and Aurora being the fast expanding company.

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