💚 Aurora Cannabis Stock Analysis 2020 💚

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Aurora Cannabis stock analysis, should you buy ACB stock in 2020? Aurora Cannabis stock has been going up and down for the past few years. Up 356% when marijuana was legalized, down quite a bit when the hype went down, then spiked up right before legalization at 128%, it’s now down 61%. In terms of market cap, Canopy Growth stock is first, then Aurora Cannabis stock, then Cronos stock, then Aphria stock. Aurora Cannabis has good revenue but the price to sales ratio could be lower. Their balance sheet is not bad, a good amount of assets for medium amount of debt. Their revenue increased by 400% in the last year. They have 15 production facilities, with capacity of 200,000 kg per year, up to 600,000 kg per year by 2020. I think Aurora Cannabis will go up based on this huge room for expansion and production, but don’t buy this stock based on this video. They are active in countries including Canada, Mexico, Brazil, UK, Spain, Germany and more. They have a new line of products like vapes and edibles. There’s so much potential money to be made in the cannabis industry. Edibles were just legalized so let’s wait for new revenue coming from that. Aurora Cannabis has great strategy moving forward so I see this stock as a good marijuana stock to watch right now.

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