💎 Why Is It Hard To Buy Low And Sell High ❓ How To Make Money With Stocks 💎

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How to buy low and sell high in the stock market? To really make money with stocks, we have to buy a stock at a low price and sell a stock at a high price, a very simple strategy not many follows. People don’t always do this basic strategy because of herd mentality. People go with the herd when investing their money because in nature, it’s safer to be in groups. To buy a stock when everyone else is selling can be seen as crazy, but it’s one of the few ways to make real money in the stock market. In the 2008 stock market crash, if you bought when the market was down 50%, you would have had a 270% gain over the years, that’s a extra 170% compared to just waiting out the crash. If you buy good companies on sale, it’s a pretty safe bet to make money from stocks. Recently Apple stocks, Facebook stocks, and Amazon stocks were on dips. Buying these blue chip companies mean a fast return of 10% or more in less than a month. We can use this strategy to make money from any type of stock. Recently, Walmart stock, Bestbuy stock and Snapchat stock are all huge dips. It’s risky to buy but if you believe in the company, it’s a small risk to take for a huge return in the stock market. This is the most basic, but best strategy to make money from stocks.

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