✅ Best Dividend Stocks To Invest In 2020 ✅

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The best dividend stocks to invest in 2020. Dividend stock investing explained for beginners. What are dividends? Dividends are a part of a company’s profits they pay out to investors. They do this to attract new investors and keep current investors in the stock. Dividends are a percentage of your investment, so 2% means you get $2 from an $100 investment. What factors should we look at when picking a dividend stock to buy? Factor 1, a history of dividend payments and dividend growth. We want a long history of payments so we know the company will keep paying us these dividends. Factor 2, a small dividend payout ratio. Since dividends are paid from profits, we have to make sure each company can actually pay their dividends, so a lower ratio is better. Factor 3, the company has to be a good value even as a dividend payer. We want a low P/E ratio, and good numbers all around, a blue chip company is usually good to look at. The dividend stocks I like. Pepsico stock, Coca Cola stock, Walmart stock, Target stock, Verizon stock, AT&T stock, Waste Management stock, Disney stock, Mcdonald’s stock, Abbvie stock, 3M stock. These are all good stocks to watch for 2020 in your dividend portfolio.

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